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From: Elena
Date: 17 nov 21.10:22 CET
Subject: Hi

My name is Elena, I am 32 years old and I write you from a little Russian town. I work in town library and I allowed to use computer after work when possible. Our situation is very difficulty and I send you this letter in despair and hope.

I have little daughter Anghelina, she is 8 years old, her father leaved us and we live with my mother.

As effect of deep crisis lately my mother miss job (a bakehouse where she was worked was closed) and our position became dramatic.

Cost for gas and electricity are very expensive in our town and we unable use it to heat our home  any more.

The winter arriving and weather is very cold here already. We are much disturbed and we havenot experience how to do.

The only possibility for us to heat our home is to use transferable wood burning oven which supply with heating from burning wood. We have enough wood in our district and this oven will heat  our sleeping room entire winter with minimal cost.

We urgently in need of this oven, but we cannot purchase it in our local market since it monetary value 8102 rouble (equivalent of 191 Euro) and we can not collect so big amount.

May be you possess any old  portable wood burning oven and if you discontinued to use it, we will be very glad if you could gift it for us and organize departure this oven to our home (165 km from Russian capital). This ovens may be differ and weight 100-150kg.

I expect for your help.

Elena and my family.

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